Craft Away the Sad Part 2: Embossing Greeting Cards


May 01, 2020

I have another craft distraction for you!

When looking at the greeting card aisle, did you ever wonder how they make cards glossy and shiny? Well, I did. So I learned how to do it myself and bring my greeting card game up to 10,000.

It’s called embossing!

If you want to impress literally everyone with a deceivingly easy yet extremely fancy craft, embossing may be for you.

To get started, head over to Paper Source and order:

  • Heat gun
  • Your favorite color embossing powder
  • VersaMark stamp pad
  • Your favorite stamp
  • This blue thing that collects extra embossing powder
  • Some blank greeting cards and matching envelopes!

That will run you around $50, but you probably won’t need to get supplies ever again (unless you want more stamps, more colors to emboss with, and more greeting cards!)

I like gold

First, I put my blank greeting cards in the blue thing. As you can see, the blue thing as a funnel on the left, so you can liberally sprinkle your card with embossing powder, then pour the rest back into the container when you’re done.

Here’s the blue thing

Next, I put my stamp on the VersaMark stamp pad- unlike your typical ink, the VersaMark pad is colorless and is an adhesive for the embossing powder.

My stamp

Next, stamp your greeting card and pour the embossing powder over it. You’ll have something that looks like this:

Dull and grainy right now, but glam and shiny later!

Lastly, you’ll run your heat gun about 4 inches above the embossing powder for like 10 seconds. It’s super hot and it goes super fast, so be careful!

You’ll see the powder magically turn shiny right before you eyes, so once you do, you should stop before it smells like burning 🙂

Wow, shiny and gold!

As you can probably tell, my card is a bit messy. Here’s how you can avoid that:

  1. Buy better stamps (not the weird cheap rubber ones from Amazon. It’s ideal if the stamp has a back and is actually a stamp)
  2. Run a dryer sheet over the greeting card before stamping it to prevent the powder from clinging. I don’t actually own dryer sheets (sorry mom). So I skipped this step and now have some cards that give me double vision.

I can’t wait to see your beautiful cards!