Find Novelty During Quarantine


September 02, 2020

Wow, has it been 6 months already?? How are we all doing?

The only thing keeping me going right now is novelty- in order to not go crazy during quarantine, I have to keep finding new things to do, eat, watch, etc. No matter how trivially new, it still counts! For example, this week I tried a new brand of sparkling water. It was really exciting.

Does anyone else have stages of quarantine resemble mine?

March: OMG!! What is happening? The world is ending!!

April: I thought last month was boring?? This month is REALLY boring. Time to do some crafts that I’ve put off.

May: Wow, still going! Maybe I’ll start hiking all the state parks I’ve never been to.

June: Yay, it’s summer! Now I can do socially distant picnics outside, and the virus will dissipate!

July: Okay, so I’ve been everywhere within 2 hours of the Twin Cities. I’ve done so many socially distant picnics that I’ve run out of kebab recipes. Time to catch up on some reading!

August: Oh no. Winter is coming. I’ve exhausted everything I’ve wanted to do. Time to get a Hulu subscription.

September: ???

We’re all in the same boat, so I don’t have much insight to give, but hopefully I can offer some inspiration.

What to do when you’ve exhausted all quarantine activities:

  1. Play nostalgic video games (Phoenix Wright)
  2. Watch lots of anime (Sergeant Frog, One Punch Man)
  3. Watch nostalgic movies (Twilight, Harry Potter)
  4. Read nostalgic books (Twilight, Harry Potter)
  5. Read new books (Midnight Sun)
  6. Learn all those new skills you’ve been putting off (Graphic Design)
  7. Bake recipes from the Great British Baking Show
  8. Pick an international cookbook and make international dishes
  9. Buy yourself different brands of fancy chocolate truffles
  10. Buy 10 different kinds of tea to try

Every month I hit a metaphorical wall, and every month I manage to pass through it. It takes some creativity, grit, and making even the smallest things interesting. Even if it is as simple as buying a different flavor of La Croix., treat yourself to something new. Check out as many DVDs as you can from the library. And go down the YouTube rabbit hole and learn new things!